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Your Bike. Your Ride. Inside.

We’re excited to be a hub for cyclists, triathletes, and other endurance sports enthusiasts to train in an inclusive, structured – and social – setting. Our mission is to promote healthy living through group exercise and to serve as a social gathering spot for active people. 

When you’re outside, spread the Cycling Emporium love!

We have T-shirts, cycling kits, and running singlets for sale.



Time Trials Coming Up

You may know Cycling Emporium is co-hosting a series of indoor time trials called the Tour de Franzia. We’ve had great success so far – check out some pictures from the event held here at CE. There’s one last one on February 18th at FastSplits in Needham hosted by Breakthrough Performance Coaching. Register for it here. Prizes include a Wahoo ELEMNT for the overall male and female winners, a raffle for NormaTec recovery boots, and divisional prizes. Proceeds will benefit the children of Andrea Bosworth, an area triathlete who was hit and killed last fall. We hope you’ll join us!

And, if you can’t get enough of indoor time trials, you’re in luck – we’re excited to be hosting one on March 4th to benefit SmileTrain, an international charity that provides cleft palate surgery to children born into poverty. Three CE friends (including yours truly) competing in Ironman events this year are fundraising for their races through SmileTrain. Reserve a spot for $35 and know that proceeds will go to SmileTrain. Your donation will help make smiles (and is a charitable tax deduction to boot!). Register today!


I registered for my first Ironman. Now what?

Entering the world of long course triathlon can be a daunting experience. There are so many moving parts to track to ensure you toe the start line excited and healthy. Let us demystify the process – from what to expect during training to budgeting for your coaching, nutrition, and travel expenses. Join us February 21st from 6:30-8:00 p.m. for a presentation and discussion – come with questions! Register at Mindbody. 


ChiRunning Clinics

Building on the success of a ChiRunning clinic we hosted last month, Coach Marc Waxman will conduct a series of ChiRunning clinics this spring. Since 1999, ChiRunning has helped thousands of runners transform their technique – reducing, preventing and recovering from injuries. Runners of all ages and levels have improved their efficiency and performance, and now find running to be pain-free, easier, and enjoyable. We have two opportunities for those interested in attending a clinic: the first option is a split session, to be held 12:00-1:30 p.m. on March 24th and April 7th. The second is a full session, scheduled for May 5th  from 12:00-3:00 p.m. Each clinic costs $100 (a discount of $25 from the regular rate!) and to register please email Marc directly here. Here’s to happy running!

Good stuff coming up!

We’re a little more than a month into 2018 and things are heating up this winter. We’ve got speakers, time trials, and running clinics on the calendar. Hope you can join us!

Core Diet – Nutrition for a Healthy Lifestyle
Ever get confused about race nutrition – how much to take in, and when to take it? How about what to eat day-to-day to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your workout buck? Join Jesse Kropelnicki for a nutrition talk on the basics of the Core Diet for athletes. Jesse is an elite/pro level triathlon coach who founded the QT2 Systems brand of endurance preparation businesses, including OutRival Racing, The Core Diet, The Run Formula, and QT2 Systems.The Core Diet was designed to help athletes live, train, and compete at their optimal level through proper nutrition that includes nutrient rich foods consumed at the right time. Please join us on March 15th at 7:00 p.m. for what will be an informative talk. Register at our Mindbody site.

Happy riding!

Russet & Jonathan

Bring your bike and your ride to our state-of-the-art studio designed for cyclists and triatheletes – from beginner to elite.

With 16 trainers – a mix of Wahoo KICKRs and SNAPs – we can accommodate virtually any type of bike, from road to mountain. We offer structured group classes, open training times if you’d rather ride solo, and full studio reservations for club or team rides or time trials.


Our Official

Cycling Emporium gear is in.

We’ll have jerseys, shorts, and casual T-shirts for sale, along with bike accessories. 


Get Your Sox!

You know the benefits of indoor training (for a refresher, take a look at this blog post from our friends at Wahoo Fitness)…anyone who rides a class in May will get a pair of official Cycling Emporium socks the first time they come in. These are high-quality, 6-inch socks from DeFeet. Good stuff!

See what we have to offer, register and sign up for a class, or schedule the studio for a team trial…

How it Works

Whether you’re training for your “A” race or just want to increase your fitness, the Wahoo KICKR and KICKR Snap have both a true ride feel and power accuracy to help you achieve your goals. The KICKR’s built-in power meter delivers personalized power-based training and its wheel-off design and flywheel produce a realistic road feel. The SNAP allows riders to keep their rear wheels on their bikes for greater flexibility and convenience. Both trainers use inertia to create an experience similar to the open road to provide the smoothest, most realistic feel of any indoor training experience.

What to Bring

What should I bring for my ride?

  • Your road, mountain, or triathlon bike.
  • Appropriate workout clothing and bicycle shoes, if you have them
  • A sweat towel
  • Sports drink or water
  • You may also want to bring a heart rate monitor and gels for longer rides.
Watch the Wahoo KICKR
in Action

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How do I book my ride?
Easy! Just scroll over to the “Class Schedules” button and click…you’ll see a list of upcoming classes. Select the class you want to attend and you’ll be able to reserve a trainer through our Mindbody page.
What should I bring to class?
You’ll need your bike (obviously), bike shoes if you have them, appropriate workout gear, a towel, and sports drink or water. We suggest bringing a heart rate monitor as well. You may also want gels for longer rides. We have a water cooler for refills, as well as accessories like gels, tubes, chamois cream, and water bottles if you forget something.

Since you will be removing the rear wheel of your bike it’s easiest to come to class with your bike in the smallest gear in front and back.

How much are classes?
There are several options available:

Drop-in weekday classes are $20 a class

Drop-in weekend single classes are $25 a class

A ten-class weekend pack is $220

Monthly weekday unlimited passes are $140 (these allow you to attend as many weekday classes as you’d like)

A monthly ultimate velo pass is $200, and clients have unlimited access to any  of our classes.

As always, registration is required for all classes, and registration is first come, first served.

Do you have locker rooms?
Cycling Emporium has two bathrooms, but no showers at this time.
Can I store my bike at Cycling Emporium between classes?
Yes! Avoid the hassle of lugging your bike back and forth to class. We offer valet service for $10 a week and you can register for it through Mindbody. We’ll store your bike, set it up for class, and then take it off the trainer when class is over.
Where should I park?
Although there’s parking in front of the shop, if you’re taking a noon class or a weekend class please park in the side lot.

Location & Hours

65 Holbrook Street, Suite 170
Norfolk, MA 02056
Tel. 508-530-3276

See our class schedule for our hours of operation. Open ride time is also
available most every day. Just email to schedule time.